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M. Sc. Students

Muazzez Çağla BİLGİCİ Muazzez Çağla BİLGİCİ

Muazzez Çağla Bilgici graduated from Genetic and Bioengineering BSc program at the University of Kastamonu. She worked as an intern at the Department of Genetics of Aziz Sancar Institute of Experimental Medicine Research Institute and at the Laboratory of Biochemistry of Anatolian Hospital in 2015. Then she worked as an intern at the Laboratory of Microbiology and Laboratory of Genetics of Haydarpaşa Training and Research Hospital in 2016 and went to Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Institute of Biomaterials, Germany with Erasmus Summer Internship program in 2017. Her graduation thesis was about genetic defects and hereditary diseases in cattle. Currently, she is a biotechnology MSc student at the Gebze Technical University and working with Dr. Barış Binay at the BERC lab.


Hakan ONUR Muazzez Çağla BİLGİCİ

I received BSC degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University in 2018. I worked on molecular identication of fungi under the supervision of Bekir ÇÖL at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University in 2017. In September 2018, I started MSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics in Gebze Technical University. After the English preparatory year I will work on recombinant enzyme production in the BERC laboratory.


Mustafa BAYRAM Mustafa BAYRAM

Mustafa Bayram graduated from department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, in 2018. After the graduation, he joined BERC lab group and works with Dr. Barış BINAY as a supervisor. He is currently a Msc candidate on Biotechnology Institute of Gebze Tecnical University and is primaly interested in enzymology and production of recombinant enzymes.



İlke earned her B.Sc degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Istanbul Arel University in 2017 after she completed her summer internship at Neurodegeneration lab in Istanbul Technical University. After graduation, she worked as an Erasmus intern for a period of four months at the Neuro Lab of Tallinn University of Technology. Now she is a M.Sc student at the Gebze Technical University and working at the BERC lab.


Velican Engin GAYIR İlke SELÇUK

In June 2018, Velican Engin completed the Bioengineering Undergraduate program at Marmara University. He gained experiences during internships in Hungary (Bioremediation, Wastewater treatment) and Romania (Nanowire production), including the Erasmus+ program. According to the increasing potential of multidisciplinary sciences, Velican Engin took courses in the fields of Biotechnological Production Design, Recombinant DNA Technology, Nanomaterials Sciences and also participated in laboratory studies, seminars, and interviews. Currently, he is a MSc student in Industrial Biotechnology field at the Gebze Technical University and working with Dr. Barış Binay at the BERC lab.



Ferhat ÖCAL was born in Malatya in 26.08.1992 and finalized his high school in Malatya then for chemistry education he went to Abant Izzet Baysal University and graduated from chemistry department in 06.02.2017. During his bachelor education he had worked very actively in research laboratories for 4 years to improve his knowledges and skills both in chemistry and molecular biology. In laboratories he worked on bacterial and yeast genetics, cloning procedures and microorganism analysis. Also, he executed his internship in molecular biology department at Izmir institute of technology and I worked on yeast genetic, doxorubicin resistance gene cloning procedures. In senior year of his education in university he executed a special project that is called ‘’The determination of peroxiredoxin gene expression whether the expression of that gene is dependent to miscellaneous stress conditions or not, by using Reverse Transcriptase PCR analysis in Thermoplasma acidophilum.’’ and his project was supported by TUBITAK (the scientific and technological research facility of TURKEY). Currently he is continuing his master’s degree education under supervisor of Dr. Barış BİNAY at Biotechnology department at Gebze Technical University.



He studied on molecular cloning techniques, optimization of microbial production conditions, biofilm formation and natural antimicrobials during the undergraduate education. He received BSC degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Gebze Technical University in July 2019. After the graduation, he joined BERCLAB group. He is currently a student in Molecular Biology and Genetics Master Programme at Gebze Tecnical University and he is working with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barış BİNAY at the BERCLAB. His research interests are enzyme engineering, metabolic engineering, molecular clonnig tecniques, microbial biotechnology, sythetic biology and microbial immunulogy.